Monday, August 10, 2009

Jokes that should have stayed in the triassic period

Where did Lennon say she bought her toy pterosaur?  

Catching onto her own hilarity, what did she then say makes the noise "snoooooort ROAR snoooort ROAR snoorrrt ROAR"?

What did Daddy offer in the form of a dinosaur joke which cleverly incorporated camping T-rexes and their snack of choice?

What pun fell flat when Mom tried to chime in, constructing a way-too-long setup about some dinosaurs going on vacation to the beach, and I think maybe I just had the wrong delivery, because really it's a very clever pun, and it's not my fault my five-year-old doesn't know more beach terms (yesitis)?

Who did Eric say met the dinosaurs at the beach, making the joke way funny again?

Who the hell is Dinah Shore?

What pun did Mom use to turn the joke-telling immediately back to unfunny, because she forgot she wasn't writing in a blog where visual puns work really well, and totally serve as awesome punchlines to 'What did the the Ankylosaur get when the T-Rex bit him?" 

What did Lennon say that makes her both a smart ass and adorable?
"Uh Mom, Ankle-saurs have ARMORED PLATES, so T-Rexes can't bite them"

None to be outdone by S'mores or armored plates, what other puns did Mom use with this joke concept, therefore beating a dead triceratops, and making everyone hate her just a little bit?

Which pun would Mom have used if Lennon were just ten years older?
DINOWHORE! (it would have been hilarious, too)

Beating you to the punch, how will I describe this blog post?

And I'm done.  


Sarah Beau Bera said...

It's so weird that your post is about dinos because we have been talking about the movie The Land Before Time all day at work today. I enjoyed all the puns. You are very punny.

Luann said...

You should try and sell some of those to the people who make up the jokes printed on Popsicle sticks.

Anonymous said...

Dinomore! We want dinomore!

Scarlet said...

Those were DINO-mite.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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