Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Here's that picture I was talking about.  Lennon was going in for a kiss.  I had to take the picture quickly, so I could stop her.  Kids aren't the smartest.  She made a home for her ladybug pet in a Pace Picante jar.  I made her release it after a couple of hours though, because I don't like the idea of Ladybug Death, especially Death By Spicy-Tomato-Scented Jar.  Her name was Lady.  We think of her fondly.  


diane said...

Funny - my next post is insect-relaed as well. But not nearly as cute.
I am assuming Lennon didn't kiss Lady? Because I am really curious if Lady kisses back.

Renee said...

Diane, I thank you for setting me up for, "A Lady never kisses back."

The Wizzle said...

I love how we risk life and limb (or, our kids' lives and limbs) for a photo op, so we can blog about it later. If we didn't have photographic evidence, no one would believe half the crazy s$#t that happens, every single day...

Ern said...

That is the cutest picture of all time.

Tessy said...


Tessy said...

Geez! Ok sorry that was weird. I do not get this blog thing. Was tryin somethin out. Forgive me Renee for using your blog as a guinea pig.

ebv said...

I've never seen that pic before. it's super cute. She STILL talks about lady. I wonder if lady still thinks about her... (Barry Manilow's "Lady" starts playing in the background of a montage of Lady looking forlorn. Think the "Everybody Hurts" video... but with a ladybug.

diane said...

Tessy, I can assure you that Renee doesn't mind - it bumps the comments numbers up! :-P

Anonymous said...

Him. You think of HIM fondly.

P.S. I think I might be in labor.

Anonymous said...

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