Friday, June 19, 2009

You Better Sit Down For This (Who Stands at their Computer Anyway, Weirdo?)

My mom called last night, and told me something I wasn't prepared to hear.  

You probably aren't prepared to hear it either, so allow me to use this time to set this up a little.  

A while back, I wrote on my blog about how Lennon was making real friends.  The neighbors to the back of my mom's house were coming over regularly to play, and I was doing the unthinkable and actually letting her go outside and make friends.  There were two little girls.  Really sweet kids, practically perfect in every way, good sharers,  good manners, but not afraid to draw pictures of poop.  Like I said, perfect.

My mom's backyard has a large wall separating the two yards, and because the neighbor kids were used to things like "outside" they would climb over the wall into our yard and then climb back when it was time for supper.  Every so often, I would help Lennon over the wall, and she'd play in their garden, and then the girls' older brother would hoist her up over the wall when I wanted her back home.   The point being, the neighbors were pros at the wall, and Lennon wasn't, and we all accommodated accordingly.

Eric, Harrison, and Tata
(not shown:  concern for a small girl on a high wall)

Back to my mom's call.  

I'll just have to tell it like she did, because wording is everything here.  Those of you who know my mom, switch to her voice in your reading mind.  Those of you who don't, insert generic mom voice.  Ready?

:::Oh yeah, we're having a good time here.  Lennon made cookies for you, and we're going to watch a movie later.  *gasp* But I have to tell you what she said today!  She asked me how Erik met Stephanie, and I said, "I don't know, they just saw each other one day, they were at a place, and they saw each other and they spent a lot of time together, and now they are going to get married." And then I said, "Are you going to get married someday?" and she said, "Oh yes Grandma, I am, but first I have to find him in a place."  

:::So I just started laughing and then she said "Grandma don't laugh.  I have something to tell you.  It's a story" so then she tells me "One day I was stuck on the wall and I couldn't get down and I couldn't get up, and I was just stuck and Mom was on the computer ((((real quick, me again, Renee, um, holy crap how bad do I feel knowing she was stuck on a wall and I was probably inside playing Text Twist?  Okay, resume Mom voice...or Mom doing Lennon voice.  Whatever))) and Dad was at work and Harrison, well you know Harrison can't help me.  Well I was stuck.  And then Ashley's brother came, Grandma.  He came and he saved me from the wall.  And you know what Grandma?  He has HANDSOME eyes."  That girl is going to be trouble for you, Renee.  Oh and then she said, "He's maybe 7 years old, but that's okay, because I'll be 7 someday too." So Lennon thinks the neighbor is handsome.  Watch out for that one! :::

"HANDSOME eyes"????  This little girl is four.  And b-t-dub, the neighbor boy is, like, ten.  Maybe even eleven.  I am so not okay with her growing up.   And I'm really not okay with this 'handsome eyes' talk.  My little girl is a smitten kitten, and that is totally the kind of story people tell at weddings.  

I'm going to be over here, making a worried sad face, and then secretly getting excited that she's got her first crush.   


Sarah Beau Bera said...

This is a great damsel in distress beginning. I love the caption you typed for the photo.

Katy said...

I think I just fell in love with Lennon.

witticism here said...

When I read this a second time I couldn't help but hear the song "Hungry Eyes" (Dirty Dancing soundtrack) playing in my head.

Anonymous said...

The good news is you've already written the toast, so you can relax until the big day finally arrives!

Outi said...

Thank you for your absolutely cheer-me-up -kind of comment on my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading more! :-)

The photograph of (I'll assume) daughter is beautiful.

diane said...

I had my first make out session at 4 with our bishop's son. So be grateful, it could be worse.

Scarlet said...

Brooklyn wants to never get married because she wants to live with us forever but she wants to have babies and keep them in our house so really the handsome eyes thing could totally be worse.