Friday, April 3, 2009

Hip to be Square

I like to talk about how annoying hipsters are, and how they need to just shut up about how cool they think they are, etc. but I'm starting to think, maybe..I? am a....hipster? Or at least I like what hipsters like. Which might be worse, because I fear I am coming across as wannabe hipster, and there might be nothing worse.

The reason for my fears comes mainly in the form of trailers for movies I can't wait to see.

Where the Wild Things Are:

...complete with Arcade Fire, crying monsters, and kids with shaggy haircuts running against 1970's sun.

And now this one:

No little kids in this one, but plenty of shaggy haircuts, and plenty of sun.

But I already love it. I already love this movie.

I fought against Juno, despite my boyfriend Michael Cera's role, because Diablo Cody was just so Hipster, with her irony and tattoos, and the thing is? I kind of liked Juno. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? The original aging hipster flick? I love it.

So maybe I need to stop fighting it, and just buy some skinny jeans, and carry Russian literature with me on public transportation, and maybe just go back to grad school so I can stay up late drinking High Life and talking about how tragically hip I am.

Or maybe I'll just write a self-important blog post with oodles and oodles of self-loathing and references to evidence of my good taste.

I fail at awesome.


Katy said...

You're a hipster. Own it

Katy said...

Evidence #1: You're kids are named Lennon and Harrison

Eric said...

I say who cares what you are. Just dig what you dig and let the hipsters try to one-up each other. As long as you're not monitoring what's in and what's out you're good to go. Once you start or stop liking something based off of what the cool kids say you are a fartknocker.

Anonymous said...

Dude, tell me if you figure it out so I know whether or not to keep reading your blog. I will check back every day until more conclusive evidence is obtained.