Thursday, April 2, 2009

Go To This

I'm feeling like a pretty horrible person right now. My friend Jill started a blog a few months ago in order to raise money so she can participate in the Arizona Breast Cancer 3-Day. And what do I do? I say, "Oh cool, good luck with that," and I go merrily along my way. If I started a blog in order to raise funds for my Beatles Rock Band for Wii, I would be totally sad if people just passed by it without a second look. And yes, I just compared a Wii game to Breast Cancer Research. Because I am a horrible person. Have you not been paying attention?

Anyway, so this morning Jill decided to do a giveaway on her blog, to drive more traffic to it, and I was like, "FREE STUFF???" and I was all about checking it out. And now I'm here, because I kind of really want to win that KMart Gift Card. I feel so icky.

You guys really should check out her blog though. Click on an ad or two, even if you couldn't care less, so she gets some revenue. Then your karma will be totally square for the day. Me? Yeah, Karma and I have a few more things to work out.

Jill's 3-Day Blog


Jillsywillsy said...

Thanks Renee :)

diane said...

Because I am a caring person, I would like to help you with your charity work. Here you go: I'll totally buy you the Beatles Rock Band if Eric can get Joe a job at UofP with him and Brandt. Do you like that? The way I am so giving and altruistic? I know, it's amazing. I also do blackmail on the side.

Cassandra said...

Ooh. Who doesn't like free stuff?