Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Brandt and Kelli,

Thank you for inviting us up to the cabin with you this weekend.  I have never been colder in my whole life, but I think cabins in the snow are a lot like childbirth, in that you forget the hellish misery once you're out of it, and after a day or two, you totally think you'd like to do it again.  

Anyway, we had fun, and I can't thank you enough for this:

and, of course, this:

and then there's these too, which, even though these are not my kids, I still could not find them more adorable:

But most of all, I have got to thank you for, well, this:

Cabin Fever ain't got nothing on our kids.  Couple more days in that room, and I'm betting we'd all be doing side splits and interpretive dance moves.  

In fact, that's incentive enough for me.  See you next Easter.  


Renee said...

Favorite moment for me is at the :40 sec mark when Lennon and Liam look like they're dancing with each other. What's your favorite?

Kristin said...

Awesome pictures, and yes, I think we'll soon forget the cold and just remember the good time we all had. Highlights are definitely the Talent show and dance-off. Can't wait to do it again, the kids will only be little for a short time!

Cassandra said...

I heart snow. I heart kids. I heart kids IN snow. And I heart dancing too.

Anonymous said...

All those kids need now is some red Solo cups and some retro t-shirts, and you've exactly replicated my first-year-in-weekends at college.

diane said...

It's April, right??? Why in the hell is it so cold and snowy up there? Is that normal? Sheesh!