Friday, March 6, 2009

Buy Me This

I keep forgetting to post pictures. Why am I so lame?

Anyway, I want to talk about something else instead of house stuff (yes, I'm overwhelmed with house stuff, because window treatments and ceiling fans and packing and storage and broken couch).

I just got an e-mail from a Beatles Newsletter that tells me Rock Band is coming out with a Beatles version in September. And there's a $250 package that includes limited edition instruments.

Do you even KNOW how awesome that is?

Now, I don't consider myself a consumer. I really don't. Sure, I like stuff, but I'm not crazy, and I almost never buy something I can't afford. But this? I want this. I want this BAD. I want this in the same way Amy Winehouse wants crack or little boys want a puppy for Christmas. Oh MAN, do I want this. Between now and September 9, I promise you that 30% of my brain will be fixated on Beatles Rock Band. I will be a barely functioning robot. Or zombie. Whichever one you think likes Beatles Rock Band more. Maybe a dinosaur??

(Dinosaurs have little arms, and would therefore SUCK at Rock Band, but I think they'd enjoy the Beatles, so it's kind of a draw).

(I'm thinking way too much about this.... See? Barely functioning)

I don't quite know how to go about telling my husband that we will be spending $250 on a video game. Part of me thinks I should hold out and wait for someone to buy it for me for Christmas, but I'm certain I can't just leave this in the hands of others. This thing needs to be pre-ordered from the website, and shipped directly from the factory to my home. What if the person who buys this for me doesn't know I need it for Wii? What if they don't know that I want the Beatles-inspired instruments? What if they wait too long and they run out and become impossible to find? What if they don't read my blog and get the not-so-subtle hints on how to properly purchase this gift for me???

You should know, I totally hate myself.


Scarlet said...

you should do what I do and just set aside money for it a little at a time and then voila by september it will be yours. Plus I think preordering is a must. I had a difficult time getting a wii fit. Those Wii people try and only make a few at a time so that they can create this mad search for all of their precious gaming supplies.

diane said...

I love your subtle hinting. Or begging, whichever. I think you should ask everyone to donate to you, and definitely play up the blind thing. You could be like "Please help me buy this while I still have sight to enjoy it with. One day all I will have is the memory of Beatles Rock Band." Or you can play up the mom-martyr thing with "Please help me buy this. I sacrifice all day for everyone else but me and all I want to be happy/stay sane is Beatles Rock Band. This will help me to not go crazy and sell my kids on ebay." You can do it!

Eric said...

I like the way the game goes by Beatles experiences. If they do it up right you'd start at the Woolton church go to Hamburg, then the Cavern, then Royal Albert Hall, then Sullivan, then set of A Hard Day's Night, then Shea, then Candlestick, (this is where it gets tough. How do you do Rock Band for a band that stopped touring. When do they play for the audience? Me thinks you could work in "All You Need is Love" satellite broadcast or maybe one of the "promotional clip" videos), then India, and finally rooftop.

Renee said...

You all have valid points. Buy this for me?

meghan said...

Hahahaha. I totally laughed out loud.