Friday, February 13, 2009


I just finished reading an article on how to save $50 a day, doing simple things to change the way you live and spend.

Then I printed the article and used it as a sanitary napkin.

My husband went ahead and came up with some more ideas on how to save $50 a day, for those who may have gotten some use out of the last article.

How To Save $50 a Day
by Eric

1. Don't buy a Wii game every day.
2. Don't take a family of 8 to the movies every day.
3. Stop setting piles of cash on fire every day.

I feel Eric's advice is sound, and you would do well to follow it.

I always joke about how I'm going to write a book on How To Get Rich Quick, By Doing Very Little. It would be 249 pages long, and on every page, it would just say, "Write a book titled How To Get Rich Quick, By Doing Very Little." I'm pretty sure it'd sell, just for the novelty factor. I'd buy it for my brother, who has every other Get Rich book, and we would laugh heartily at the cleverness of it all. Actually, I wouldn't buy it. I'd rent it from the library. Because apparently, using my local library should be saving me thousands of dollars a year. That's just good cents.

Now I think Eric and I are going to write a sequel to my book. How To Save A Million Dollars a Year. Wouldn't you buy it/rent it/swap it with a friend for a book you don't read anymore?

People are stupid.


Cassandra said...

I would totally buy your book! LOL. Maybe I should give the Wii advice to my husband? Seems like we have new games popping up all the time...

Jillsywillsy said...

Alright. Next on my list of things to do:

1. Rack up roughly $10,000 in credit card debt, repeatedly make late payments (or none at all) at then begin paying on time. Then transfer the debt to cards with low introductory rates.

2. Get my doctor to precribe a ton of unneccessary medicines and then switch to generics.

3. Buy a very expensive house, pay a lot of interest then refinance.

Alright, I can almost smell that extra 18 thousand dollars.

But, that is one sanitary napkin I won't have to buy.

Anonymous said...

You could start a blog--I've heard people can make lots of money doing that!

diane said...

Becoming a "phone actress" keeps sounding better and better. Everything else sounds too difficult.

Ern said...

I'll buy it only if I can use my 20% off coupon at borders.