Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Give me just a minute

I keep Almost Posting. Just know that I'm thinking of you, my loyal audience, every time I type out eighteen paragraphs of Crazy, only to decide nobody needs to be THAT much up in my biz.

For now, I will distract you with the videos that distract Harrison when I'm too busy overthinking things to give him my full attention, or you know, change his diaper or whatever. Oooooh look.... SHINY moving pictures. Almost makes him forget he's sitting in crapped pants.

And here's how Lennon shuts it. I'm sorry, I mean this is how Lennon chills out so I can have a moment to think.

Incidentally, they both hate this one with a passion, which can be fun for me, because I'm 3% evil.

I'll be back soon.


Sheri_Beri said...

Here's my question... How did you get the YouTube video on your blog and why can't I figure that out??

Renee said...

I don't know if there's a right way to do it or not, but I just click on the code-y looking numbers and letters that are next to the thingie that says Embed. It's in the bluish boxy thing in the top corner. I'm using technical terms, of course. I copy that and then go over and past it where I want it to show up.

Does anyone know of a better way than this? Here's your chance to make me look stupid...

Renee said...

Shoot. I wrote "past" instead of "paste" and made myself look stupid, even without your help.

Luann said...

I have no idea how to post you tube on the blog, but I do have to thank you for the 15 minutes of time these videos granted me this morning. Thank you thank you thank you.