Saturday, November 29, 2008

For the sake of blogging

Two things I love today:

1. Listening to Lennon and Eric CRACK UP while watching Superman 2. The best was when the bad guys were blowing stuff up, and cars were toppling over, and people were catching on fire, and Lennon was like, "Oh no! That guy lost his ice cream!!" Lennon knows priorities.

2. Evel Knievel's story about his great-grandfather, a Roman Gladiator, who bit off a lion's testicles and spit them out at Julius Caesar. Evel is full-blown crazy. I want more.

Bonus: Harrison's smile.

Two things I don't love today:

1. Clogged ducts

2. People who kill people to get deals on flat-screen TVs.

Also, Eric wishes I was deaf, because he thinks the Kay Jewelers commercial with the deaf girl is cute. I'm pretty sure he's joking, but if I see him practicing ASL, I'm out of here.

You guys, I'm exhausted.


Renee said...

I don't know why there are two 2.s Like I said. Exhausted.

Kristin said...

Hey, ice cream is a big priority! I hate that commercial with the deaf girl.

diane said...

I haven't seen the deaf girl, but C'MON! He's got a blind chick. What else does he want? Some people are so picky about thier partner's disabilities.

mrsmouthy said...

It could be worse. He could think that elephantitis is cute...

Eric said...

It's not that you have two "2."'s It's just a tragedy of alignment. Since you were there, you know we were watching Superman 2. The "2" spilled over on to the next line and since it ended the sentence you dropped a period on it - but less gross than that sounds.

So don't sweat it. You did nothing wrong. The formatting just made it look weird when it was completely and totally legit.

You're still badass.