Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Is Where My Blog Throws Up Pictures: Utah Is Magical Edition

You know how magazines like to suggest parties and activities that are nice ideas in theory, but that nobody will actually ever do, because of the time, energy, and space required to execute them? Eric's family in Utah actually makes those things happen. And I don't think they even bother reading magazines for ideas, because they are just creative enough to come up with stuff without the aid of New York editors who play "Wouldn't It Be Cute If..." in their tiny lofts.

Case in point: The traditional Halloween party at Eric's Uncle Dan's and Aunt Cauleen's house. We were lucky enough to be in town for it this year, and I'm pretty much floored by the adorableness.

Here we have the pumpkin hunt. L- didn't pack a costume, so she borrowed a white princess cape.

I don't think my words could do the experience justice, so here are some more pictures. (Read: I'm lazy)

So then they moved the party inside, and trick or treated on the bedroom doors, letting the grandparents and great-grandparents answer and pass out treats. Here's Grandpa Myron passing out juice. He wore a Richard Nixon mask at first, but he was scaring too many babies, so he took it off by the time L- knocked on his door.

And here's some video of H- and his cousin (2nd cousin?). They went as Cabbage Patch twins, mostly because Kyle makes a face exactly like a Cabbage Patch Doll, and Michelle was nice enough to make H- a matching onesie so we could say he dressed up too.

I think they look ridiculously cute.

I have more pictures from the event, but I fear this is turning into a vacation slideshow. And that's not supposed to happen until tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Kristin said...

Such a cute idea for a Halloween party! L looks like she was having a great time!