Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is Where My Blog Throws Up Pictures: Riding Without A Helmet Edition

I'm pretty much a hypocrite.

Proof positive? Here is my four-year-old kid riding on a four-wheeler without a helmet.

Yeah, that just happened. Of course, I was internally freaking out the whole time, recalling stories of people who felt invincible on vacation, only to end up wishing they had listened to their gut instincts whispering about helmet laws and other cars on the road. Unfortunately, there was a really big voice in my head screaming at me to just let my kid have fun for once. And she did have fun. In fact, Eric said she kept yelling at him to "Go Faster Faster Faster!!!" I'm pretty sure she's going prom on the back of a Harley. Or the front. We really can't be sure with this one.

She had fun, and I'm glad I got pictures, because seriously kid, that was a once in MY lifetime event. I don't have the nerves of steel required for life on grandpa's farm in a small Utah town.


eric said...

I love the little man's face in that last picture. He is not impressed.

Kristin said...

LOL at H's face in that picture! He's not feelin' the four wheeler AT ALL. He's all, "Whiskey.Tango. Foxtrot? Why is my big sis all excited?"

Helmet shmelmet. One time is good for her; now she knows what it's like to go so fast on that's a Van girl tradition! Heather and I would get motorcycle rides from Uncle Scott and Uncle Dan when we were little. They did some very scary jumps and wheelies; trust me, a little ATV action is nothing!