Monday, September 8, 2008


I feel better today. I might even blog this week. "Shock me shock me shock me with your deviant behavior".

Yes that's a quote from a movie I watched relentlessly in 1999. I think living in my old room has caused me to regress slightly. I'm thinking of skipping algebra tomorrow and getting a Zuka Juice with Tessy. Just joking. I know I'm not cool enough to hang out at the Zuka.


Katy said...

I kind of remember Zuka Juice. I remember the name, where was that place?

Ern said...

Hello?! Gilbert and B-Line! What was the name of that concerthall that was on Main St? you and Tess used to go there all the time... ?

eric said...

Two thousand zero zero party's over oops outta time.