Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Okay, so this one is a poll, of sorts, but without the fancy HTML that makes polls so full of Internet fun.

Eric and I are planning our next "mini personal vacay" (I love Seriously, So Blessed). We're doing Disneyland next, of course, but we want to follow it up with something big. We would have done New York this year, if I had any idea how much he wanted to go to Yankee Stadium, but now that that's going down, I guess we can put that off for a few more years. BUT, I do want to spend some time in Central Park, and I've never been to a Broadway play on Broadway, which would be awesome.

We both like the idea of Boston, because our friend Cody is there, and basically, we love Cody more than anyone else we know (sorry everyone else we know). Also, we like the idea of going somewhere where people talk funny. I like laughing when I'm on vacation.

We're also considering Germany, because HELLO, Germany. Plus, I need to get in touch with my roots, or whatever. Also, Marissa is there, and I would LOVE to spend time with her. Oh yeah, and the history and beauty and whatever.

England is also on the list, but I think we might wait until 2012, so we can (hopefully) see Lindsey run in the Olympics. Yeah, that was me bragging that Eric's cousin went to the Olympics. Also, in 2012, H- will be old enough to sing along to the Beatles when we're taking the Magical Mystery Tour down Penny Lane. And they'll both be old enough to be like, "Ewww gross!!!" when we show them where we stayed on our honeymoon. So cute.

Anyway, back to the list. New York, Boston, Germany, and San Antonio (because my friend Ali lives there now, and she makes up for the fact that it's Texas).

Really, the world is our oyster right now, and we could plan for wherever. I just need some help narrowing it down. Or you could just confuse me with more options, if you're into that.

What say ye? Where would YOU go if you could go anywhere, and had to see it before it was too late?


Luann said...

I would definitely choose to go to Germany. I think it would be awesome to go see some of the different historical sites from WWII, plus its in the middle of Europe so you could branch out into other areas like Austria/Czech Republic. Then there's that really cool castle there that Disney's sleeping beauty castle was modeled after.

Cath said...

My childhood dream is to go to Australia and go on a "Love Boat" cruise. Oh and I would love to go to Austria.

Renee said...

Oooh Australia would be beautiful.

Austria too, but I think I'd bore Eric dragging him to all the Sound of Music sights.

Kristin said...

Noo Yawk....it's amazing. You can't go wrong - there's tons to do and see and it will just absolutely blow you away. Boston would be 2nd on my list. Crazy accents, great history. Germany would be 3rd...my only exposure has been many, many hours in the Frankfurt airport on several occasions. I'm sure there's some cool things to see, but other than the castle I wouldn't really be that interested. LAST ON THE LIST - SAN ANTONIO. I'm sure I've voiced my opinion of this city, and I feel I know it well. BUT - they do have a Sea World and a Six Flags, so there's that. Plus your friend. Otherwise, uh, no.

Mama's Place said...

I vote for New York...broadway plays...5th Ave and all of the surrounding areas. Go...go...go New York!

Mama's Place said...
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Scarlet said...

I have always wanted to go to Italy. And Disneyworld again. And sometimes I wish that my best friend would win a trip to New York and take me with her but that probably won't happen.

Ern said...

I think you two cats should go to austin,tx. From all the footage I've seen on foodtv and the travel channel and in mags, Austin looks so cool!!! Germany would be amazing. Holly lived there and my mom went there to visit her and they loved it... It's just really expensive. :( If you can go across the ol' pond though, I say go to Europe. Maybe hit up Portugal. It was my fav AND it's one of the cheapest countries in Europa.

Jack Francis said...

I know we've discussed this before, but since it's on the interweb, this must be different. Here is my list of places to go, in order:

1. Germany, Austria, Switzerland - the tour with the wife and in-laws.
2. Italy - Rome, Florence, the Vatican. Sounds good to me.
3. Back to France - just to make sure last time wasn't a fluke.

Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas are on the agenda as well some time, but I have to keep Heather out of the Orient. We all know why.


eric said...

I got student loan money in... The Yankees have one more month in the house that Ruth built. Do the math.

Jack Francis said...

Have fun in NYC

Jack Francis said...
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