Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things She Said Today

1. Passing by a black guy mowing his lawn: "It's the Rainbow Guy!!... Mom, I LOVE that guy!!" (I can only assume she thought he looked like LeVar Burton).

2. Describing the Olympic gymnast during his parallel bars routine: "That guy's MAGIC!"

3. Her sincere concern, as she walked into the room, hands covering her face, grandma's makeup smeared across her eyebrows: "Am I going to be in time-out?"

4. Frustrated while coloring: "I don't know how to draw smiley faces when I'm frowny...Mom, can you smile with me?"

5. After I had just finished reorganizing and cleaning out some of my mom's kitchen drawers: "Oooh mom, grandma's gonna be soooo MAD!" (and she was)

The older L- gets, the less she feels like someone I'm just supposed to do my best to keep alive. She's really starting to become a thinker and a doer. She's making observations, getting into trouble, solving problems, and calling me out. As easy as it is to make toddlers think you know everything, I really like how much she challenges me. She's never boring, and she's always got something to say that makes me think about our world in a totally new way.

I don't really have anything profound to say about it. I just really like the person my daughter is becoming.


cb said...

"Can you smile with me"

Heartbreaker! What a funny kid.

Kristin said...

So dang cute! She cracks me up. You should post these every day.

Anonymous said...

too sweet.