Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I do a great impression of a hot dog

Just to give you an idea of the past two days I've had, tonight I stayed up late to watch Mrs. Doubtfire on TV. And I despise Robin Williams. And what's worse? I LAUGHED at stuff. Like, pretty genuinely. Oi.

If you'd like to schedule an intervention, please note that I'll be home always, because I go nowhere ever. Which is really, very much, the underlying problem.

Also, somebody, besides my husband, needs to know that I knew it was Mrs. Doubtfire in the first two seconds of the movie, when you hear the first note of "Figaro." Scary and sad, and I should not even be proud of that, but I really, really am.

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Katy said...

If it makes you feel better I watched that movie willingly on netflix and I love it. I laugh at the hot dog line, I laugh at "shake them off like a dog" line. I laugh when she catches her rubber boobs on fire over the stove.

It's pretty awesome.