Monday, November 7, 2011

November 3-7

November 3rd I was thankful for funny television. Crappy days are easier when you get to laugh a ton at the end of them.

November 4th I was thankful for blankets. Harrison and I were both getting a cold, and the blanket made it that much easier to hide from the rest of the world. Also, it was pretty fun wrapping Harrison in a burrito and pretending to eat his feet. Blankets made that possible.

November 5th I was thankful for my mom. I understand, more and more, the sacrifices she made to give us the things we loved. Lennon is taking ballet lessons, and when I see her up there, learning french and how to keep her back straight and tall, and running around on her tiptoes like a durn fool, I totally get it. My mom just loved the crap out of us.

November 6th, I was thankful for my little girl, who was so helpful at church. She had a pretty big responsibility to help the two of us find a seat, since Eric had to stay home with a sick Harrison, and she did it so thoughtfully and without a hint of resentment for being given a task so outside of her comfort zone. I spent the entire hour just sitting there so happy she was mine.

November 7th, I am thankful for rainy mornings, and crisp afternoons. I took a walk on my own while the kids were in school, and felt a great deal of gratitude for that alone time. The thought also passed my mind that I was grateful zombies aren't a real thing right now. I've been watching Walking Dead.


The Wizzle said...

Please don't forget to keep doing these! I already did my time last month, so it's my turn to sit back and enjoy everyone else's. Especially yours.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for November because my favorite blog is getting updated!