Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 11-15

November 11 was Veteran's Day, and I was pretty grateful that my mom loves a parade, because she took my kids to see one, and I got an entire day all to myself. Granted, I wasted the day on computer games and trying to get soap scum off the shower door, but I did it alone, and that was HUGE. You know what else I was grateful for? Getting my kids back. I'm honestly a wreck without someone to care for.

November 12, I was grateful for my family. We went to my uncle's house for a shrimp boil, which is really not delicious (except for the potatoes) (Disclaimer: I think shrimp are just glorified bugs. Everyone else seemed to think the ocean bugs were great), but the point is, we got to spend time together, and it was really nice being around my cousins. We mostly made fun of the fact that my limping aunt looked like a zombie, and how everyone is a lush, but that's how Mexicans bond. Lennon felt pretty cool too, now that she knows she has "teenage friends."

November 13, I was pretty grateful for my cornbread. If you had eaten this cornbread you would understand. I was also grateful that my kids are so curious. On the way home from my in-laws' house, we managed to discuss core similarities and differences between the five major religions, the phases and colors of the moon, weather patterns, sound waves, and a rudimentary overview on the beliefs of Wiccans (most of which I was trying to remember from a discussion I had at work once with a Wiccan who was offended by Halloween Witches, but loved Harry Potter). Okay, so in the moment, I wasn't so grateful for their curiosity, but after, I felt pretty proud of the way the questions didn't stop until their last yawn.

November 14, I was grateful for the time I get with Harrison, before he goes to school. We spend a lot of time snuggling on the couch, reading books or watching Disney Channel, and it's honestly priceless. He is so warm and snuggly, and I know that that's not something that lasts forever with little boys.

November 15, I am grateful for the fact that Lennon can pretty much do everything required for getting to school on time, but that I still get to be there to make sure her shoes are on the right feet, and she doesn't forget to put some cookies in her lunchbox. It really is the best job, and it really does get better the older they get.


amber and alma said...

Thanks for the reminder that there is SO MUCH to be thankful for everyday.
(Now pretend I said something witty that made you laugh out loud)

The Wizzle said...

I don't like everyone's Thankful Things. I like yours though. I spend a lot of time on the couch with Iris, "snuggling". She asks for it by name, and I cannot say no. Ever.

And I almost posted on Facebook the other day, after we went to dinner at Five Guys and spent the whole time answering the kids' questions about transsexuals, transvestites, just plain quirky folks, eternal gender identity, and birth control. I thought it was awesome, but I suspect Certain Family Members think I am polluting their minds and ruining their innocence, so...

Ern said...

Re: November 12. It's not just Mexicans who bond this way. ;)

Re: Everything else. Very sweet.