Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another IAMWE post (ugh, AMIRITE?)

So my brother's band made it to England. Some of you know about this, because you've been following me on facebook. For others, this is the first you're hearing of it, and you sort of resent me for keeping you out of the loop. For those, may I say, welcome to just a little taste of what it's like being my brother's sister. That kid tells me nothing, unless he's super bored and it's Mother's Day or Easter (there's too much food on Thanksgiving for anyone to do any talking.)

I knew he was in a band. I knew he had been in several bands. Many of those bands went to cool places like India and Germany. Some of the bands played horrible music that made my ears hurt. One of the bands stole music from my husband (to be fair, it was high school, and the song made it to a local anti-smoking compilation CD that embarrassed everyone involved, so I don't hold a grudge). All of the bands included band members who can pull off skinny jeans.

Over the years, I have come to accept that my brother is a real musician. This isn't high school, he's actually getting paid, and he might even be pretty good. I have not yet considered the fact that the rest of the world would consider him a real musician. That is, to be perfectly honest, mind-blowing.

When his band won their area contest in the Hard Rock Battle of the Bands, I thought it was kind of weird. They played local Phoenix bands, and beat out all of them in a series of three rounds. This was big, but not huge, because if you've ever been to Phoenix and had to listen to local bands open for a bigger show, you'd know that most of them are Jam Bands who don't wear shoes, and 84% of the lead singers are addicted to Meth.

Then, his band had to win the region. There were bands from big music cities like Las Vegas, Seattle, and Hollywood, among others. Phoenix isn't really one of those places where people care what happens to anyone who isn't them (see: Low Turnout at Sporting Events and Political Elections), so I didn't feel all that great about them competing against cities where the bread and butter is in their music scene. But, somehow, these guys took it home. And they get to go to England, and play with The Killers (!!) and Rod Steward ($!) and Bon Jovi (^ or #, you pick).
Wow, right? Wow. And if this goes anywhere, I'll officially be "The Bass Players' Sister" which is not exactly what I was shooting for in life.... I kind of hoped my brother would be "The Emmy-Winning Writer-of-a-Comedy-Series' Brother" which has way less connections, but a slightly higher likelihood that Aziz Ansari would show up at Thanksgiving dinner (he likes rap.)....

But this is cool too.

P.S. If you want to vote for them to be able to play on the Mainstage and Hard Rock Calling in London, you can go to This Link and submit your vote for IAMWE.

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Becky said...

Wow! Awesome. I hope he realizes how cool his sister is, too.