Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A new year

I just have way too many unposted posts. I'm going to be better about just publishing them, no matter what. That's going on my New Year's Resolution List, right alongside:

2. Less TV. Broken Tivo sort of made this resolution for me, but I feel like not giving myself SOME credit is like not gloating that you lost ten pounds the last time you had the stomach flu. You gotta get SOMETHING out of the crappy stuff.

3. Which brings me to Counting My Blessings and Seeing The Silver Lining. I have to lump these two together, because my blessings are most often found in silver linings (ex: "At least the other three windows of our car can still be rolled up" and "A backyard with no grass just means a lower water bill!") I am extremely negative, and probably need to bump this one up to priority one.

4. Family pictures.

5. Real Life Meeting the Mouthy's (and not following them to a second location).

6. No more facebook games. None. Not even that fun one. Seriously.

7. Answering voice mails, texts, e-mails and other correspondence in a timely manner. This will be the one I break in the first week, and then forget I even made by March.

Notice that I didn't put "Lose Weight" on here. Mostly that's because I'm trying to decide if I want to maybe, I don't know, sort of think about, in a way, perhaps consider, adding a third child to the mix. Right, I know. Totally crazy. I blame it all on watching old videos of Lennon and Harrison as babies. Anyway, it's not officially on the list, but I'm not officially setting up any resolutions that contradict it. Except for maybe this one:

8. Going to Europe

I figure the best way to up my chances of getting pregnant is by planning something way more fun. Sort of like giving away all your baby clothes, the day before you take a pregnancy test. And in the event a pregnancy just isn't in the cards, my consolation prize includes good food and a possible Pope sighting, instead of just a bunch of extra closet space.

See, I'm already getting really good at number 3!

Wishing you luck on your resolutions, my friends. Only, if you get pregnant in Italy, just don't expect me to return your call.


monika said...

love them :)

stacie and geoffrey... said...

You are hilarious, seriously. #2 had me rolling! Studies show that people who lie to themselves are happier people, so don't hesitate to give yourself ALL the credit.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, I had no idea you wanted another kid. I'll do it if you do it...

Woot woot on #5, but major offense taken that it was not listed as #1. Consider yourself On Notice.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Is Europe halfway between Vegas and Scottsdale? Because if it is, let's just meet there...

amber and alma said...

If you want to and you can, do it. Not everyone really gets to decide between what they want and what they get. Good luck on the list!