Monday, December 14, 2009

Outside Looking In

The other day we were driving home from a grocery trip and Paul McCartney's "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime" came on the MOMRadio Channel (nod to SkipRaid). I started playing air synthesizer, because you CAN'T NOT PLAY AIR SYNTHESIZER WHEN LISTENING TO THAT SONG, I SWEAR IT, and this punk teenager in the car next to us pointed and laughed, and starting playing "mocking air synth" which isn't the same thing. There may have been a time when that would have embarrassed me, but not now. Instead, Eric and I got REALLY into it, and we put on an impromptu show for the kid. I had air bass going, Eric was pulling out some Mick Jagger moves, and then I think I might have done the Cabbage Patch. So Too-Cool-For-School stops the pointing and laughing and actually joins in. And for about 10 seconds, before their car turned left, we had a moment. And I was glad i was with the kind of person who would join me in something like that.


Harrison and I were doing a little bit of Christmas shopping at Target and we came across a legitimate Jack-In-The-Box that actually played Pop Goes The Weasel and had a scary clown and everything. We had been playing with it for a few minutes, when I realized we had an audience. A boy of maybe about nine years or so and his mom were also doing some shopping, but they stopped to watch my son giggle every time the clown popped up. They thought it was pretty dang cute, and they were pretty dang right. I ended up picking one up for Harrison's Christmas Eve present. The boy who was watching us looked up at his mom and said, "Can we get one for Shyla, too?" and the mom, who so obviously did NOT have Old-School-Jack-In-The-Box on the list she was carrying in her left hand, thought for a moment and said yes. I gave them the one we had picked out, and picked up another one. I'm thinking of putting Harrison in commercials. I mean, seriously, you should see him drink Welch's Grape Juice.


Eric was outside putting up lights last night and he said that when he looked in, he thought that if he were a homeless person, he would want to come inside and be part of our family. He thought it was cute how Lennon was sitting at the table coloring a picture, while I was in the kitchen talking to the kids and fixing them a snack while we listened to Christmas music. I took his word for it, because that did sound pretty cute, if not totally creepy.

But then, to really show me what he meant, he took me outside and had me stand by the window while he went in, held Lennon over his head, and twirled her around by the Christmas tree, Lifetime-movie-style. It was cheesy and hilarious, and made me laugh until I coughed.

I completely got what he meant. I'd want in, too.


Katy said...

I love everything about this post. It's a good time in life when you can play air guitar and have someone laugh at you and you not care.

Luann said...

What a great post. It makes wonder if sometimes creepy homeless guys look in my front window and want to come in.

Kristin said...

Ditto on the great post comments.

mrsmouthy said...

Your posts get awesomer and awesomer. The Welch's grape juice comment is classic.

Cassandra said...

Impromptu air synthesizer rocks.

amber and alma said...

I would buy anything endorsed by Harrison. (even a creepy clown jack-in-the-box, I would just have to keep it in the box and never look at the scary thing.)

Anonymous said...

I almost started crying when I read that last part. I am pregnant, but damn, that was touching.

Anonymous said...

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