Saturday, December 26, 2009

A high five to myself is really just the beginning of applause

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. And if you delivered any babies under your Christmas tree, I hope you're resting well.

Okay, I'll just come out and say it. I'm absolutely in love with my life right now. I think I'll take a moment to brag about it, in a completely obvious and almost unsettling manner.

Lennon got a citizenship award for the 2nd quarter of school. The citizenship award goes to the nice kid, who listens to the teacher and does her best to be a friend to everyone. It's for the kid who looks past being the odd one out and continues to include everyone, despite not always being included herself. It's for the Ringo Starr of the bunch. Lovable peacemaker, even if she's not the most popular. I can't help but feel like we've done something right.

Harrison continues to be adorable. Some days I look at him, and it hurts, how much I love him. He still doesn't say much. He roars when he's pretending to be a dinosaur, and he whistles when he wants me to know he's a train. He growls when he's a scary monster, and he tweets when he's a bird. Am I raising Gerald McBoingBoing? Absolutely. And I love it. I'm also just grateful he's not Harold. I hate repainting our walls.

My husband is textbook awesome.

I had a really beautiful First Christmas In Our Home. I love my house. I come home and feel safe and warm. Some day I will probably even furnish it. I like it THAT much.

I made some really good friends this year. Almost overnight. It felt like, one day, I woke up, and all of a sudden had the best group of friends anyone could ask for. I owe it all to Eric and me being awesome and hilarious. Thanks Eric and me. Thanks friends.

I'm pretty psyched about the New Year. Every month, I will look forward to Report Night. Our kids will hit new milestones. I'll finally get my orientation training. I'm sure we'll squeeze a trip to Disneyland into our budget. I will make improvements on my home. My friends will continue being the coolest people ever, because that's what they do best.

I'm in a good place. Forgive me for the alarming lack of self-deprecating humor and stories about poop. You people are just doing too good of a job.


Sarah Beau Bera said...

I am happy for you and way to go Lennon!

Becky said...

Yay! I needed to read your happy, cheery post.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you linked to Jennica's blog because I feel the need to share her story with the world.

I'm glad you are happy and I will take credit for it. All of it. I am the reason you get up in the morning.

Lennon is adorable and I hope she wins 1 million more citizenship awards.

Harrison is adorable and I think it is cute when he laughs.

Let's hang out this week.

Mocha said...

You and me both, sister. Just last week (or the week before, I can't keep up with my own blog) I wrote about really having a pretty good year in '09 and how happy I was with things.

It's official. We're BFFs now. I'm glad you followed me back from MamaPop and then I followed you here and... is this that stalking thing people talk about?

Lindsay said...

Your blogs about complaining and annoying things are hilarious, but blogs about happy families make my day!

ps-got your comment. :) thanks. it's nice to know that someone has been there. I appreciate the offer and I'll surely take you up on it.