Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas List, part two

I don't talk a lot of Eric on my blog. It feels weird. Like bragging, because if you knew all the things I know about Eric, you'd probably throw a block of cheese at your significant other just for NOT being Eric. You'd also probably hate me a little more, because jealousy so rarely turns into love.

Eric deserves some attention for this one though. Tell your significant other I said I'm sorry.

So my Christmas List went up on my blog, and I knew I shouldn't have done it, even WHILE doing it, because I was afraid it would come across like I was asking for someone else to buy me those things. Is there anything grosser than that? I get hives just thinking about it. I posted the list because that was what was on my mind, and it allowed a vehicle to post The Christmas Shoes video once again this year. Becca of Becca Is Waiting For The Weekend and Rachel of Mrs. Mouthy both got that I wasn't being gross, but still offered to make my Christmas decorating dreams come true.

I, for real, love you guys. But no. Because, like I said, hives.

Eric, however, read the post and decided to take matters in his own hands. He took duplicates of CDs we own (we kept the duplicates. You know, in case after 6 years of marriage, one of us felt like we were trapped in the marriage because WHO WOULD GET BECK "MELLOW GOLD"????) and tried selling them to the local record exchange shop for cash.

And he was offered $3.80 for the stack. So not quite enough to buy even a poop-scented candle, let alone a Christmas one.

But he told me the story of trying to be sneaky about it, and how he wanted to surprise me, and how sad he was about it not working out, and I gotta say it, you guys. I know you'll hate me for it, but I gotta say it:

Who needs Christmas decorations when you've got a husband like mine? The Christmas Spirit? It's alive and well in our house, and I wouldn't change what we've got for 100 wreaths.*

*If you're thinking about writing a country Christmas song about this, I promise, I will sue.


The Wizzle said...

So sweet. I actually thought about getting you a candle and bringing it over, just because it sounded like you needed one, but I don't know where you live, so I would have had to email or whatever and ask you where you live so I could bring your candle, which would then no longer be a surprise, and also be potentially (very) stalker-ish. But festive!

Anyway, sounds like your man took care of it so that solves all of our problems. He does sound like a keeper.

witticism here said...

Loving this!

ERIC said...

Not that it matters now, but their offer was actually worse. It was $2.80 in credit or $1.60 cash.

monika said...

Eric is the best! Maybe he could cut off his red beard and sell the hair for extra cash to buy you something else on your list. ;) Or maybe HE could write the country Christmas song and then you will have millions of pine scented candles cuz it will be a hit. ;)

Kristin said...

Eric is so sweet, loving, kind, and generous. I was a great example for him to follow.

Scarlet said...

I think that is sweet. What he should do with his poop scented fund is wait until after christmas clearance and then you can have all these things for next year at a fraction of the cost.

vicky said...

ROFL!!! Kristin, you are a GREAT example! You have a pretty good family and a great great great sister in law! :)

diane said...

Kristin is awesome. And Eric is almost as great (you know how it is- the second version rarely lives up to the first).

Becky said...

Ah sweet! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Not to change the subject to my own DH (I hate the abbreviation DH, BTW), but I try not to blog too much about him for the same reason. Like the other day I was all stressed out about Christmas shopping so he took my list and hit up the mall and nailed everything on the list, including gifts for himself that all I have to do is wrap up. That feels like a lame example, especially in lieu of your $2.80, but oh well.

Also: Maybe you could cut your hair and sell it like they do in the real Gift of the Magi?!