Friday, November 6, 2009

Worth Living

Well we know that Eric looks like a funny guy with a beard, and we know that Lennon is having trouble at school with the Mean Girls, and we know that Harrison makes noises like the demon on the Exorcist (well, you know now, anyway), and we know that I'm feeling like a big worthless wet rag trying to soak up a kool-aid stain on a white carpet, but what readers of Mommyblogyay don't know is why I even bother. What's keeping me going? What's keeping me from ordering my tombstone (if you make a pizza joke, I swear to God.....)

I've decided that it's this. This is what makes it all seem okay enough.

YouTube. And British People.


Anonymous said...

David Brent's "If You Don't Know Me By Now" is unbelievably inspirational and inspiring.

Katy said...

That David Brent's version would keep me going too. Awesome!