Monday, October 26, 2009

Matters of Everything

I'm off my blogging vacation. That was nice. Back to my regularly sporadic postings.

Also, guess what I have? Sparkly, unicorn-shaped, lemon-scented DEPRESSION! Oh and nightly dreams that demons are breaking into my house, so that when I DO sleep, which is rare enough as it is, I sleep the sleep of acid-droppers and loons. It's the opposite of fantastic.


Let's give those guest bloggers a hand, right?

Some people may question why I would even HAVE guest bloggers, since my blog is tiny, and nobody cares that I go two weeks without a post, and seriously, who do you think you are, Renee? REALLY? To you, I say, DID YOU SEE THE CAT? HE WAS WEARING A LEOTARD!!!!


Despite my current depression, I am looking forward to Halloween. If you've been following me on facebook, you'd maybe know that I made my kids' costumes this year. I'm sticking with the delusion that buying a black turtleneck and pinning a bat cape to the back of it is "making my kid's costume" because I had to use scissors. I used an actual sewing machine for Lennon's costume, so that one totally counts. Don't take this away from me. It's all I have left.

Lennon really wanted a Halloween party, but I just don't have it in me to PLAN anything. So I sent out a call to people with kids that we'll be around this Saturday around 10am, wearing costumes, and if other kids show up, well then, BOOM, that's a party. If no kids show up, well then, BOOM, that's a pity party, and you weren't invited anyway.* Either way, I'm eating some pumpkin bread.

*Just kidding, you're invited. Let me know if you need directions.**

**Not applicable to sickos and scaries. You know who you are.


Katy said...

I hear Lemon Scented depression is better than apple. More cheery. I'm glad your back, I missed you.

vicky said...

You sure make me laugh and smile! And really that Jason blogger...very funny!

Jason Centers said...

Thanks, Vicky. Your check is in the mail.

Anonymous said...

I made a wrapping-paper chain for the two weeks you were gone and it felt really good to cut that last link off!

Sorry about the depression. I'm prone to it too and I hope I sound like a broken record when I ask ARE YOU SEEING A THERAPIST YET? It seriously, seriously, seriously helps.

Other things that might help are buying Steve Madden shoes and having a baby.

Michelle said...

*At least* the depression is sparkly, unicorn-shaped, and lemon scented, I mean, at the least.

Seriously, I'm sorry you're not feeling top-notch but I'm suuure the massive amounts of candy consumption in the next week or two and hyper kids will help with that. That's what kids are for right?

Anyways, I'm glad your off your blogging vacation!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me. I would like to know why we are so much alike. Maybe Saturday we can swap scary night terror stories and other stuff I don't post on blogs because I'm not as brave as you.