Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gratefuls - Beatles Edition

Back to my Gratefuls.  Sorry (to myself) for the temporary hiatus.  

In honor of Unofficial Beatles Day, I'm making my gratefuls about things also related directly or indirectly to my favorites Liverpulidians:

1. Beatles Tribute Bands, without which Eric and I would not have had an awesomely easy excuse to hang out "offline" in '99. They also make the best outdoor mall concerts.

(1 1/2. "Offline in '99" should have been the name of my blog.)

2. Liverpool. Best place to honeymoon, I promise you. I dare you to not feel closer to your new spouse when you're on a bus full of Beatles freaks driving an hour to see a street sign.

3. Here Comes the Sun. The lyrics, if your imagination allows for it, fit pretty much perfectly to a long-awaited birth of your baby boy after a winter of bed rest. Also, it makes for the sleepy time with said baby boy, even 18 months later.  

4. Yellow Submarine, which helps the kids you named after Beatles kind of even tolerate the Beatles a little bit.  

5. Green apples, which just kind of taste good. And don't give the heartburn.

6. The Rutles. Get familiar. (Bonus Grateful: STIGISDEAD, because, Well, that was for Eric)

7. Lennon and Harrison.

yeah, those ones.


Anonymous said...

Okay, but please answer this question: How do you feel about the current generation of kids growing up thinking Raffi wrote Yellow Submarine? (I have to skip it every time it comes up on our Raffi CD.)

diane said...

The best way for my kids to enjoy The Beatles?
1.) The Beatles Ones;
2.) Across the Universe (just fast-forward the part with Evan Rachel Wood's nipple);
3.) Across the Universe Deluxe Edition CD.
Seriously, The Beatles Ones album is full of songs the kids will actually really like. Mine love Yellow Submarine (of course, the Lego video totally helped), Eleanor Rigby, Penny Lane, Hey Jude, Get Back, ...