Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Don't Even Have To Title This

For someone who isn't updating her blog every day, I sure am updating my blog every day.   I found some time this morning, and came up with an idea on how I can still occasionally post during my hiatus, without taking a ton of time from my day.

Do you guys want to see some of the posts I was going to post at one point, but didn't for one reason or another?  I'm going to pretend you are all nodding enthusiastically, because if it weren't for this, you would have nothing, and who wants nothing?   I don't even have to apologize or take responsibility for it, because, like The Beatles Anthology, it's completely bonus.  You have to like it, or at least tolerate it, because you almost didn't have it at all.  God Bless America.   

From 6/9/09: 
Harrison got a summer haircut the other night.  He looks like he's in the military, and it makes me CRY.  

Do you ask why I'm sighing, my son?
You shall inherit what mankind has done
In a world filled with sorrow and woe
If you ask me why this is so, I really don't know
                                              -The Day Is Done

Yeah, sometimes when I'm PMSing, I look at my kid and think of terrible Peter, Paul, & Mary songs.  Seriously though, can somebody please figure out how to solve war and famine before he turns 18?  I just don't think I could handle him getting a military haircut because he HAD to.

My baby boy is going to have a lot of haircuts in between now and the time he might enlist.  If I cry every time, there's a good chance they'll put me in a home for the mentally ill.  So I need to find a way to 

I guess I need to find a way to finish a post.  I should also find a way to not quote terrible folk songs.  Furthermore I would benefit from finding a way to not blog after watching Band of Brothers marathons on TV.  This was definitely unpublished for a very good reason.  Although I think I planned to include a picture, which is ALWAYS a good idea.

Oh well. 

Tune in next time for more scrapes from the bottom of the barrel.   


diane said...

"The bottom of the barrel" from you is way more interesting than many other people's "cream of the crop."
As for the quoting bad folk songs - don't listen to Peter, Paul, and Mary. Instead listen to Snoop's first album, or maybe go back to some NWA. That'll give you way more interesting things to quote.

Renee's Boom King said...

Great idea, Diane. "The other day I was thinking back on how Harrison has grown up. Made me think of this lyric by 2 Short..."

Anonymous said...

I found you on the blogosphere. Now we're facebook and blog friends.

Carolyn said...

I am stuck in bed watching band of brothers for the first time as we speak. It is really a miracle that there are still any men left in this world. History is such a tragedy I hope never befalls our boys. but i do love a good war movie...