Monday, June 15, 2009

knock knock knock

Katy wrote her Monday Spotlight about me today, and now I'm super aware of my blog, because she linked to it, and it's feeling a little bit like when your visiting teachers are knocking on your door for a 'drop-in' at 11am and you're unshowered, in gross pajamas, and your house looks like a bachelor pad.  Bonus is that my last post is about how I hate everyone and everything, and I mention cat genitalia.  That's a little like the visiting teachers coming in and me forgetting to put away the heroin spoon.  "Uh, I'll take that.  I was just stirring up some chocolate milk for the kiddies.  Want some?"  

So this post is meant to detract attention away from that stuff.  Even though I just mentioned it.  Somehow it works.  


Katy said...

The Heroin spoon!!! ha ha ha!

Reminds me of one time I had like 5 spoons in my car because I ate yogurt every day on my way to work and someone was like, ummmmm?

I didn't know what they were talking about at the time. But you know, now that I'm a heroin addict and all (and you are too) we get it.

Ern said...

This place is a mess, Renee. Dust bunnies all up in this blog. Love the cat genitalia comment... Love you.

Cassandra said...

I read it and thought it was great. You can come to my messy house any time.