Sunday, April 26, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I'm picking paint colors again.  So if you were thinking this might be a good weekend to ask me what I want for dinner, or which movie we should go see, or whether I want the light on or off, or really anything that requires that I choose between two or more possibilities, be prepared for a blank stare and possibly drool.  

I hate doing this.  I'm a little bit color blind, so trying to decipher the difference between Winter Wheat and Adobe White?  No.  Throw Brandied Pears in there, and I kind of want to scream.  I just spent a total two minutes trying to get my husband to tell me if he liked Butter or Belgium Waffle more for our living room.  He decided on Belgium Waffle, and I decided I'm hungry and don't want to make these decisions anymore.  

You all have nice homes, and some of you even have college degrees in this sort of thing.  So could you guys please help me to choose paint colors based on more than what makes me giggle like a 12-year-old boy?  (Example:  I am pretty close to picking 'Thar She Blows' as my bedroom color.  Try telling me you wouldn't do the same thing in my position).  Anyone care to give me some sort of direction? 

Feel free to check out the colors available on Olympic Paints' Website.

Think smallish, neutralish living room with lots of natural light and an accent wall with a bold color.  Also a long, dark hallway, with poor lighting (no ideas here).  And a low-lit master bedroom with dark brown curtain and red and cream duvet cover.  

Have fun.  Let me know when it's all painted.  


witticism here said...

I think you should go balls to the wall where you have a lot of light. I love blue/greens, but I didn't see anything ballsy enough. Maybe, Animation? (Please notice the refrain I had in not making a sick joke with "blue" and "balls".) Plus, blue/greens are such a bold neutral you can put almost any colors with it.

In the halls I would do neutral, so it doesn't get to cluttered. I like River Reed.

In your room, I say go with whatever makes you happy. You can always change your linens, but not always your wall color. I decorated my entire room around the wall color because I love it that much.

diane said...

I can't even find the motiviation to finish my laundry from last week (nor the new stuff piled on top); there is no way I am picking out your paint colors. That would go against my lazy-streak.

Becca said...

I need to have you over to my house sometime.....That way I could show what NOT to pick. We have no talent when it comes to picking paint colors. We have messed it up EVERY time. Can you say Fire engine red in semi gloss??

Renee said...

I really like that color, Animation Keiko. I totally agree with you and Erin that a bold blue would basically be just as neutral as like, tan or something.

Thanks for your help!

Diane and Becca, you two make me laugh. Almost as helpful as doing it for me. (Almost)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it's not so much about which colors you choose as it is about the confidence you exude when people comment on them. Seriously.

Katy said...

I want to spotlight you on my blog. Say yes so I can "interview you" via word doc.

Cassandra said...

Bryce won't let me paint because then, if we ever decide to move and sell, we'd have to paint again (which I don't see as a bad thing since I love to paint). Sigh. So, wish I could help.