Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Harrison B, cooler than you.

I was supposed to have something special for H's first birthday, but I lost track of the days and ran out of time to spend hours attempting to relearn the editing program on the Mac. Sorry for not being cool.

But I still want to talk about my little man, because he's pretty much the most amazing little miracle, and I love the crap out of him.

We found out we were having Harrison about two months after a very difficult miscarriage. I had an inkling I was pregnant again, about a month in, but I couldn't be trusted to not completely delude myself into believing such a thing could happen. When we knew for sure he was coming, we still weren't allowed to get excited, because I started having problems with the pregnancy. We thought we had lost him at least twice before hitting the 20-week milestone. But my little monkey just kept right on going. "Hang in there, little guy," I'd say daily. "Hang in there, mom, " he'd reply.

So we hung in there together, through multiple complications, previa, modified bed rest, early contractions, bed rest, bleeding, hospital bed rest, shots and IVs, preterm birth by c-section, and about a zillion and one reasons to be terrified every single day...

And then, my boy came. And it was all okay.

The first few night alone with him in the hospital, we bonded. I never wanted to let him go. I remember everything about his sweet little face the first time I saw him. It sounds crazy, but he just looked so smart.

He has been the most laid-back baby you could possibly imagine. I can take him anywhere, and I know he'll be fine. For a kid who was in such a hurry to get here, he takes it nice and easy now that he's arrived. He's an excellent sleeper, and he doesn't require being entertained when he's awake, although he gets a kick out of anyone who will play on the floor with him. He always has a smile for a new face. He makes people who don't love babies, totally start loving babies. He takes everything in, and knows when to lay low, but he can also turn on the charm at a moment's notice. When he eats lunch, he always put one foot up on the table, and just leans back and enjoys his company. He talks with his eyebrows.

Right now his favorite word is "Up." I don't think he's afraid of anything. He is constantly drumming. EVERYTHING is a drumstick. And the boy can eat. "Bottomless Pit" only begins to describe his appetite.

Daily, seriously, DAILY, I want to pinch his thighs and then eat him whole.

He is solid. I mean that in every sense of the word. The kid is a rock. I admire his strength.

Harrison Bradford is easily one of the top two coolest kids I've ever met. It's safe to say, I'm totally in love with the little monkey.


Cassandra said...

So sweet! It's crazy what us moms go through and how it's all behind us when we see that little person for the first time.

diane said...

Harrison Begay is a pretty cool kid. I think you should totally keep him.

Mama's Place said...

Happy Birthday to Harrison...he is a cutie. I love what you said about him.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday, Harry! I love what you wrote; it was a crazy pregnancy for you, but what a pay-off! One thing that cracks me up about Harrison is his crazy love for pumpkin pie!

diane said...

He likes pumpkin pie??? Ewwww. I change my mind and vote him off the island.

Scarlet said...

Aww. That was the sweetest thing ever. I was just thinking how sometimes you don't even know you were missing something until you have someone special like that come along.