Thursday, January 8, 2009


I submit this picture, not to question Lennon's fashion sense when I tell her to dress herself in the morning, but to ask this burning question:

Would Claudia Kishi pair this ensemble with 
A) a snake bracelet 
B ) paper mache earring shaped like cherries in one ear and fruit bowls in the other
C) a red fedora and suspenders
D) all of the above     

Lennon, as you can see, went with a baseball cap, and frankly, I think she made the right choice.  


Scarlet said...

Brooklyn has that same shirt. I love Target. Yeah Circo. Claudia Kishi totally would have gone for some earrings though, they are after all some of her most talked about pieces of fashion.

Luann said...

I had to google Claudia Kishi to understand what you were talking about. I'm afraid I missed out on the Babysitter's club part of growing up in the 80s. I guess that's what comes from growing up with no money and two older brothers.

Sheri_Beri said...

At least it's all pink. She could've worn colors that totally clashed!!