Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oprah Update

Just to update, for those of you keeping track, I have watched three days of Oprah.  I've seen what she has to say about weight, health, and spirituality.  She told me I'm worth being healthy, my body is worth loving no matter what weight I am, and my spirit deserves attention.  I told myself that I don't need soda.  I told myself to make friends.  I told myself to be the best Me I can be.  

Today I woke up late, backed out of plans, skipped breakfast, ate pizza and two cans of coke for lunch, and my kids are still not dressed for the day.  Right now I'm either going to take a nap or watch The Bachelor online.  So.....  so far so good?  

Or. wait...  I'm confused...  No?  

That's okay.  I think she's going to talk about money today.  I think I'll do really well on that one, because I don't even have any money to worry about.  So, checkmark.    


Katy said...

I just watched the spirituality one and the finance one. I used to drink the Oprah kool-aid and gave up that about a year ago, but still watch her. I liked both episodes, but just hate how Oprah seriously thinks she IS Jesus.
I like her, but I just take everything SHE says with a grain of salt. I did like her "spiritual panel" though. Did you think the desk and the pen in her hand were a bit much? It's like, we still trust you and your gurus without the desk. UGH, I'm conflicted. Scott always flips the TV off when Oprah's on. ha ha.

Renee said...

Katy, when she started taking notes, I had to laugh. I bet she was just doodling stuff like "Oprah + Gayle = BFFs4Eva" and "The minister wants to have my babies"

She drives me nuts when she acts like she's listening only to say something TOTALLY unrelated to the conversation. Oprah, I bet you smell delicious, but wow, you are an unlikable person sometimes.

Oh and Suze Ormand is just as nuts, but that doesn't mean I won't be downloading her book. "YOU ARE DENIED!" I love it.