Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the fourth day of Christmas

What the heck?!?? I don't know if it's the rain outside or the new Christmas tree downstairs or the two movies I watched and kind of (hiding my head in shame) LOVED starring the alumni from West Beverly* or maybe it's just the fact that the shopping is nearly done, and I'm feeling way less stressed out about presents and company and obligations, but I'm actually started to feel like I'm getting into the Christmas spirit.

Whatever it is that's getting me out of my funk, I appreciate it. I was really getting sick of being so Scroogy (Scroogey?). And I think I hurt Lennon's feelings when I told her that Christmas is lame, and then shaped my fingers into an L, held it up to my forehead, and chased her around the room yelling, "LAAAAAAAME!!!" Not such a good way to keep Christmas in the hearts of the young, you know?

I'm hoping I don't wake up tomorrow and find myself resenting the cold weather and wishing that my mom would just throw that mechanical Santa Claus that plays the medley of holiday tunes AWAY already (okay, I wish it anyway, but if you could hear this medley you'd understand).  I think I'll be okay though.  Our neighbors are doing the 12 Days of Christmas for us this year, and so far we've gotten fruit, chocolate, and bread, and there's promise of more, so I think that might be enough to get me through these next couple of weeks of waiting (plus I'm really anxious to see how the neighbors handle Nine Ladies Dancing.  If someone sends a stripper I will seriously die of laughter, and then come back from the dead just to high five my neighbors for being so hilarious).  I also just got a package from UPS, and Eric forbade me from opening it.  So now I'm feeling like a kid again, wondering if we have any packing tape around so that I can find a way to reseal the box without anyone knowing if I peek.  

Point is, I'm starting to understand the true meaning of Christmas for me: Getting stuff.  Thanks Getting Stuff.  You sure do know how to usher in the Christmas Cheer.  

*I'm talking about Secret Santa starring Jennie Garth and A Carol Christmas starring Tori Spelling, both former 90210 stars. I am NOT speaking of the stupid movie about Santa Claus moving in next door, starring Gabrielle Carteris, AKA Andrea. Ew, that one sucked. And the Shannon Doherty one hasn't aired yet, but I'm kind of a Brenda fan, so you know I'm looking forward to it now.


mrsmouthy said...

Feeling the Christmas spirit? Want me to ship you a really nice Christmas sweatshirt?

Scarlet said...

I too am feeling a little more merry. I think the fact that I have let go of my ill-fated plans for a cookie party and gingerbread party is a big help to de-stress. All I want is one surprise this year. And maybe for my husband to actually get out of bed when I ask him. I envy the 12 days of christmas that you are getting.

Renee said...

Rachel, I think that christmas sweater is so ugly, and by ugly, I mean 'coolest thing I've ever seen'.

Scarlet, you were going to have a cookie and gingerbread party?? YUM! Stressful, but YUM.