Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was tagged a couple of days ago, but I didn't know about it. I was in a codeine stupor, or at least that's the excuse I'm going with. No, nothing to do with the fact that I STILL haven't updated my link to your blog address, Mrs. Mouthy. Consider this my apology.

I've been asked to write six random things about myself. Which I will do, because I really enjoy talking about myself. Actually. I'm so into talking about myself, I'm just going to go ahead and write 26 random things about me. And make it alphabetical. So, yeah.

A - Adores Alliteration
B - not even close to being a Baller
C - hates Cats
D - Doesn't Drive
E - believes in Evolution, and doesn't think that makes her Evil
F - Frightened of everything, especially ghosts and monsters
G - can play Guitar, technically, but not actually
H - really good at Hula Hooping. Still.
I - doesn't like Ice Cream near as much as she believes she should
J - Jokes about the things she is most afraid or embarrassed of
K - thinks Kangaroos are really gross
L - Lies a Lot
M - Makes delicious calzones
N -Never finishes anything she starts
O -
P -
Q -
R -
S -
T -
U -
V -
W -
X -
Y -
Z -

So I'm supposed to pick six people to tag, and you're not supposed to do what I did (or didn't do). You're supposed to just pick six random things about yourself and then pass this on to six people. I choose to tag Billy Elliot, the Green Power Ranger, Dog the Bounty Hunter's Wife, the guy who writes the Arthur books, the London Cast of Les Miserable, and Jay North.

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Eric said...

I'm most interested in hearing what Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife has to say. The only thing I know about her is she loves looking good. Is the Green Power Ranger the one that murdered that couple in San Diego?