Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My friend wants to hear baby names. She's going for traditional, but I think she needs to get with the times, and look for something new and catchy. Something hip, that will just blow everyone away and scream "I AM AN INDIVIDUAL!!!" I looked around the house earlier today, and came up with a few for her consideration:

Bell - I think it has a nice ring to it.

Cable - If that's too basic, you can always upgrade to Kayble or even Kabel.

Camera - Rhymes with Tamera, but not nearly as slutty.

Influenza - Oh come on, give it a shot.

Tech - I promise, in a few years, this name will be so common, you won't remember what life was like before it.

Chairman - You're going to need to give it time before President or Prime Minister become acceptable.

Camper - While I'm at it, I'm going to go ahead and pitch Tent.

Hiker - Perhaps I'm getting too close to the edge?

Telephone - Okay, okay, I've crossed the line.

Feel free to offer your own suggestions. You know where to do it.


mrsmouthy said...

Some of my favorites:
*Cray (after the original supercomputer--and a boy in our first toddler group)
*The Pharoah (no explanation necessary)
*Number Two (so baby never has to worry about not being good enough)

Keiko & Jeff said...

Well done, Renee. You have given me much to think about.

BTW, your kids woudn't start out as hippies. No, they would get there after being wildly popular and trendy. They would feel a need to change their image, experiment with drugs, and compare their fame with god. After a few hungerstrikes and love-ins, no one would be able to describe them as anything but hippies.

My Cash, though, would have a RAGING heroin and alcohol addiction. I should probably have the camera crew from Intervention ready at his birth.

Luann said...

My mom is a maternity nurse and my sister-in-law is a first grade teacher. I've hear a few good ones...

Shithead (pronounced shi-thead: These people named their baby this on purpose)
BeautifulJennifer (yes it is one word)
Urethra (a mom who saw it on a hospital cart and thought it sounded cute)

Renee said...

Luann, I have got to hear more of those names. Man, people are really stupid when it comes to names (says the girl who named her kids L- and H-)

mrsmouthy said...

One of my delivery nurses said she had to talk an ESL mom out of naming her newborn "Chlamidia. I don't blame the mom--it's really a beautiful sounding word!

Becca said...

Most unique name I've heard....Genesis. I don't know if that's how the mom spells it or not but it's pronounced just the like the first book of the bible. I kept hearing her say, "no no, genesis," and "come here Genesis" maybe when she get's older she'll shorten it to Genny or something. Poor kid.