Monday, September 22, 2008

The Gameplan


It's been a while. My how you've changed. You look good though.

Me? Oh yeah, I've just been hanging around my mom's house, hating on it. Nothing much else. Most people take a situation like this one, and make the best of it. Not me though. No, I just stop cooking dinner, get my period, and cut all forms of communication with everyone I know. Healthy.

I'm blogging today, however, with special purpose. You see, I have a really Renee-esque story to tell, and nobody at my house cares, because I've been PMSing for the past week. This is where you come in, reader. You're quite welcome.

I joined the Disney Movie Club about two years ago. 8 movies for the price of one? I buy more than 8 Disney movies in a given year. Yes, I'll have that. Sign me up, and thanks for the free gift.

I did pretty good with responding every month with a "No Thank You, Don't Send Me The Movie Of The Month, I Already Have Two Copies on DVD, Not To Mention VHS, But Thanks For The Free Gift". I messed up once, early on, receiving The Jungle Book 2, starring Haley Joel Osment, in the mail, but i promptly returned it, and we were square.

Then, last winter, my life went KABLOOOEY!!!! and I kind of lost track of my husband and kid, let alone all mail correspondence. Bills went unpaid and letters were unanswered (but appreciated), but we got back on track soon after H- was born. Some of spring remained hectic, however, with a new baby, and a new diagnosis of eventual blindness. As of late summer, early fall, we are back on track, for the most part. Thanks for asking.

And yet I'm still seeing some of the effects of my lost year. Given the craziness, I completely failed to respond to the Disney Movie Club, probably back in March, and around May or June, I got a brown package in the mail. I wasn't expecting anything, and it looked too small and flat to be anything edible, so I just didn't open it. Pile of Things To Worry About Later? Meet Brown Package.

Then in July, I revisited the Pile. I probably decided to cross my fingers and hope for hotcakes in that small, flat package, because I opened her up and .... hmmm.... I don't remember ordering anything from Disney, but hey free mov.... ??? uh... I ESPECIALLY don't remember ordering The GAMEPLAN, starring Vin Diesel.... Yeah, remind me to send that one back. For now, back to the pile you go, because I'm needing to make hotcakes.

Except Stupid Brain totally DIDN'T remind me, and I missed my 30-day deadline for returns. Whenever that was. Probably back in April Whatever.

So I'm now the owner of The Gameplan, starring Vin Diesel. It's in a pile somewhere.

Maybe I'll have a Blog Giveaway. Hey yeah. Turn this umbrella into a smile, or whatever the saying is. You guys leave a comment, and I'll have L- pick a random number, and then someone will win The Gameplan, starring Vin Diesel. I'll give you until Thursday. Oh man, this is perfect. I get blog comments, you get The Gameplan, starring Vin Diesel, and my story will then be YOUR story, because you KNOW people will be like, "Why do you own The Gameplan, starring Vin Diesel??"

We really should do this more often, and I'm not just saying that.


diane said...

Sign me up! Sadly, I REALLY liked The Pacifier starring Vin Diesel so I would prob REALLY like The Gameplan. You can go ahead and disown me as your friend right now.

Renee said...

At the risk of getting my own movie back in my own giveaway, I ust wanted to respong to Diane, and let you know we're still friends. The Pacifier, starring The Rock, wasn't a totally horrible movie. I actually even kind of like The Rock. It's Vin Diesel who really irks me.

Sheri_Beri said...

Okay... Renee, I'm sure you'll have fun with this comment, but I'll leave it anyway... I actually really liked the Gameplan! lol I know, I know. It was kind of corny, but I really did like it! I actually watched it TWICE on STARZ. Let me duck and cover for the hate mail to be spewed my way!

Renee said...

All this Vin love has me wondering if I should just keep the movie??

diane said...

I think you have all your sexy action hero beefheads mixed up - Vin Diesel starred in Pacifier (which I liked) and The Rock starred in The Gameplan (which I just searched and realized that I actually DID watch and DID like!) It doesn't hurt that I want to make Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson husband #2.

Renee said...

The Rock/Vin thing was supposed to be a joke, because the two are pretty much interchangable in my mind. Hence the repeating of the names, and "correcting" Sheri. It's not all that funny, except to me, so I don't blame you for correcting me on it. Let it go on record, The Rock is WAY cooler than Vin XXX Diesel.

Also, I think subconciously I really want to keep my movie, because I keep leaving comments. What's wrong with me people?

mrsmouthy said...

I'm hoping the prize pool is saturated enough for me to leave a comment and not pick up a DVD now. I just wanted to say we have a life-sized cutout of The Rock in our house, and he often shows up in family pictures, which REALLY pisses off my oldest sister. But anyway, I really wanted to say: WWE Rock = cool; Hollywood Rock = weak sauce.

ebv said...

Take a left down jabroni blvd and check yourself in to the know your role hotel.

Kristin said...

I don't want the movie; I just want to suggest that you rig the contest to ensure that Sheri gets it, since she's a fan.

Diane - I thought Mr. Diane #2 is reserved for John Legend?

Sheri_Beri said...

I thought so too, Kristin! lol.. Even if I don't win the movie, thankfully Cox has VOD ~ Video On Demand now in my area, and I can watch it for a little while longer on demand! LOL. Dwayne Johnson is my husband #2, so Diane, you're on notice to step off! lol

The Vanny Bunch said...

"The Rock/Vin thing was supposed to be a joke, because the two are pretty much interchangable in my mind." Yeah right... you made a mistake cop to it sucka.-- Brandt